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A New World

When Piglets Fly

A Shooting Star.
A Mean Crow.
A Piglet On A Mission.

Did cows just make milk? Did roosters just crow? Was Artie supposed to be just a pig?

Day after day, a bored Artie found little interest in eating and sleeping like a pig, much to Mother’s dismay. Night after night, an imaginative Artie sat beneath the great oak tree staring up at the twinkling sky, marveling, wondering and searching.

Suddenly, a shooting star blazed across the sky. WHERE DID IT GO? And why? Artie had to find out. He constructed a pair of wings made of straw. He climbed high atop the fence. He leapt. But instead of flying away, Artie crashed into the ground, losing all remaining favor with Mother. Embarrassed and upset, Mother finally told Artie he was to simply be just a pig and a pig he must be. Being respectful, Artie complied. Being determined, Artie began plotting on how to find his star.

When Piglets Fly features:

  • 63 Original Watercolor Illustrations
  • 8,319 Words
  • 18 Chapters
  • 1 Charming Story of Where Curiosity Meets Perseverance

There are 4 Editions currently available:


8″ x 10″

ISBN: 978-1733760102



8″ x 10″

ISBN: 978-1733760119



5.5″ x 8.5″
Black & White

ISBN: 978-1733760126



Fixed Layout

ISBN: 978-1733760133


Selected Images from When Piglets Fly:

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